Thursday, AUGUST 27, 2020, 9am-12pm

2020 Inspiring Women 

There are lots of women in the Eastern Bay with fascinating stories. We’ve known that for a while. That was one of our motivations for launching the Inspiring Women conference series last year: we wanted to create an occasion for some of those women to share the stories of following their dreams, facing down fears, overcoming obstacles and achieving big things. Five wonderful ladies stepped up and made our 2019 event an amazing day.

They’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inspiring women. We believe every woman has a story worth sharing and we want to keep bringing you all together to celebrate each other, be encouraged and make new friends.

This year there’ll be another speaker line-up comprising amazing women doing amazing things, plus prizes, giveaways and networking opportunities. There’ll also be a few changes we think you’ll like.

Our team

Justine McLeary

Event director

Nicole Leach

Event director

Ella Howie

Communications co-ordinator

Claire House



Corrine Lynskey

Our second speaker for this year is Corrine Lynskey, of Curated Curves: Beautiful & Affordable Plus-Size Clothing. Curated Curves stocks new and pre-loved fashion and accessories, and Corrine is passionate about empowering women to embrace who they are. 

Ronna Funtelar

Ronna has an adventurous spirit. She loves dancing and rock climbing, among other pursuits, and dares to do things other women only dream about. She’ll be sharing why we should all feel the fear and then do it anyway.


Venue details

Top Shelf

84 The Strand, Whakatane

Free parking available on Kakahoroa Drive.

Expo tables

We’ll have a small mini-expo with displays for you to check out over the day.


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